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In a general home, living room is not just a place for family members to get together, welcome guests, entertain, it also is a place that express the owner’s unique style and characteristic. In the house with nicely decorated living room, it will represent the owner’s clever calculation and item selection. Hence, the living room is often considered as the face of every house and apartment. It is not difficult to understand when the living room is invested with beautiful furniture.

Currently, there are many different styles in designing living room, such as classical approach: usually used darken color as main color and meticulously decorations, with elaborately handmade items, inspired by the living room interiors of ancient kings or noble families; or semi-classical approach: combining classical style with modern interior style, often use simple design lines, subtle, optimized space, this trend is very suitable for nostalgic people.

Aside from that, there are many combinations of different design styles, depending on the owner’s requests. The most popular type of design, however, is the kind of living room designed in modern style. The characteristic of this style is the open-space, modern interiors, large windows giving owner the chance to experience both outdoor and indoor atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at some projects, which was and are being carried out, from CAT NGHI INTERIOR to find the design ideas for your living room.

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