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Because bedroom is a personal space, it should fully express the owner’s personality, and should be differentiated from other rooms. Bedroom is the place we can rest and sleep after a long working day and re-energize for another day. Hence, bedroom interior design is more complicated than any other rooms in the house.

About the design, the number of bedroom depends on the number of family members, it is designed differently according to their age, personal characteristic. But it all comes to a spontaneous, comfortable, well-sleeping bedroom.

The master bedroom – the main bedroom of the house, always represents personalities, personal references of its owner and aiming for a subtle, comfortable, modern and well-appointed style. Likewise, the bedroom for children, grandparents is designed based on their age, personality for the most suitable living space, for example the design for children bedroom often has selective colors, studying space, bookshelves, closets, restrooms… furnished rationally and harmoniously. The bedroom for grandparents will have darken color tones, simplified arrangement, airy windows… Or the bedroom for guests, depending the space and owner’s requirements, is design accordingly. In conclusion, all kinds of bedroom are always targeted at the most comfortable feelings.

Let’s take a look at some projects, which was and are being carried out, from CAT NGHI INTERIOR to find the design ideas for your bedroom.

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